What are some major social faux pas to avoid when visiting Guyana?

My answer to What are some major social faux pas to avoid when visiting Guyana?

Answer by Enna Morgan:

Wakenaam, Essequibo, Guyana – photo by enna morgan

Guyana is a miscegenation of 6 races. Like Brazil, it is therefore a very diverse, hospitable, and embracing culture. I seriously don’t think that there are any major faux pas that you can commit. As you would in any other country, simply observe the basic social ettiquete and life should be swell!

Being a former British colony, the courtesies and social graces are still observed. Such as please, thank you, Madam and Sir. Elders are addressed respectfully and by a title – Mr / Miss/ Mrs. In government buildings you will not be allowed if you are not properly attired, and in a courtroom, one must appear formally suited; that is to say, covered. Dresses more than 4 inches above the knees will not be permitted and neither will revealing clothing.

The menfolk will not take too kindly to anyone publicly accosting a woman, so that is a good way to get your teeth kicked in if you are in the habit of getting physical. Unlike the DR and some countries I have visited in South and Central America, groping the women folk is not tolerated and that is another sure way to get your face rearranged. As with every place on earth that is inhabited by humans, respect is a two way street and it will open doors for you.

Commonly known as El Dorado (the gilded one), Guyana is known for it vast wealth of natural resources (specifically gold) and vegetation, being 75% rainforest. It is one of the most beautiful places on earth, housing the Amazon rainforest, home to many endangered species, it is a main destination for ornithology and eco-tourism enthusiasts.

The Roraima and Pakaraima mountains, and the vast Hinterland region has its own lure, as Mt Roraima holds the title of being one of the oldest geographical formations on earth; while the Rupununi (Hinterland) area still houses many of the indigenous Amerindian tribes – the first people to inhabit Guyana.

Here is a list of things one can do while enjoying the food, flora, and fauna in this equatorial Shangri-La.

Fun Things To Do in Guyana

Now I am sure with all these 91 things to keep one busy, there will be no time for committing any serious social faux pas.

What are some major social faux pas to avoid when visiting Guyana?