It is actually healthy to go ape!

No, I am not endorsing you hauling off and slugging your boss because you did not get the raise he promised, I am talking about the tree-top adventure at Eagle Creek Park. You know, the fun activity park that is right in your back yard, and you never knew it existed? Yes, that one, where you can go sailing, fishing, biking, and hiking. The same one with the ornithology center and the open air theatre.

But wait, of course, you first must be healthy in order to survive the course and to complete it. No one wants to hear you go ”splat” when you fall off one of the courses, all because you are not in good shape, or didn’t pay attention to the instructions. And we certainly don’t want you getting vertigo or a heart attack from just the fright of looking down from the 44ft-high zipline platforms. Yes, I said 44ft!

That is the highest zipline, and I believe that it is #3, and #5 is the longest, at 400 ft. Then there are all the exciting in-between obstacles with warm, cosy names like Tarzan swing, and Spider web, and Lily pads, which conjure up images of a nice walk in the park. But don’t be fooled, this is not a Sunday stroll, it calls for stamina, balance, concentration, and a healthy deficit of  give-a-shit!

enna, walking the tightrope (well, there are small wooden slats to step on, but they are moving!!)

Amanda focusing on the obstacles

It is quite an experience and the beginning of something new………guaranteed to become habit-forming (maybe now you can kick that sit-on-the-couch habit and pick up a healthier getting-into-shape addiction)! Yep, I’m hooked, I’ve already booked the next zip adventure – the Mega Caverns at Louisville. Then I’m lining up the others for springtime fun – Mammoth Cave and White River.

Awh shucks, did I scare you off with my tales of tall peaks and wide vales? It is actually quite fun, and not too scary if you remmber to keep your zipline ALWAYS attached. And the super friendly staff, Chris or Georgia are always around, just a howl away, ready to assist if you cannot manage any of the courses (or if you change your mind midway).

Then there is extra instruction if you didn’t get it even after the five times it was repeated. I guess that is the class that’s called GoApe for Dummies. You get the correlation?…..ape…dummies….no? Okay, that explains why you’re in the class; you’ll get it….one of these days, Alice! Meanwhile, you’re excused from reading, just look at pictures.

enna, walking the tightrope
Sometimes, sideways is the best way to get ahead