Murder mystery heightens in Indy

The detectives collect photographic and forensic evidence of the crime – Embassy Hotel

Okay, you can put your monocle down, no one has actually been killed – well, not that I know! But the popularity of the Interactive Dinner Detective Show  has certainly increased as we’ve added more show dates during the week, and have booked many private shows during the last few months. Since our debut in March 2015, the show has attracted many, actors and clients alike, and has gained quite a following….with, yes, repeat diners! Some people just can’t get enough guts, and gore.

Perhaps it is the lure of that dank, musty, sanguinity that oozes from the victims and paints all relationships with suspicion and deception, or maybe our diners just want to keep returning for more clues, hoping that they will win their Sherlock Holmes or Angela Lansbury stripes,…….or could it be that decadent chocolate cake dessert that keeps them returning? Enquiring minds want to know. Oh, no! Wait, why didn’t I think of it!  It is the groovy cast and crew of the show, that is it indeed!

Well, whatever the reason, they love the show, and we love them for being great sports and participating in this fun, entertaining, and engaging whodunit. And you can certainly be a part of the fun too.

   The grim line-up of suspects

The re-enactment, by an audience member

Okay, so you’ve procrastinated and have not as yet booked a show, well, get off the couch, oh, wait, I guess you can do it on the couch (sigh! technology! it stiffles activity….and creativity)……..and find your dates online, then pack your monocle (now you can break it out!), an empty stomach, nice clothes (yes, you have to shower and primp) and don’t forget your sense of humour, or our trusty detectives will detect that and……well, maybe, just maybe, you may be charged with the worse crime of all time – being humourless! Scandalous! Off with his head!……or worse, they may deputise you. After all, no one ever said that the law enforcement officials were known for their penchant for levity.

So if you are looking for discounted tickets, and you’ve exhausted yours and your mother’s and grandmother’s Groupon options, use promo code: ennaraw52, that will give you $5.00 off each ticket…..see ya soon!