Chicago, of course! Rod Relucio and the tango gang are off to another tango adventure….this time in Cleveland. Three weeks ago, I attended Rod’s monthly milonga event at the Latvian Community Centre, in Chicago. And with the usual suspects in tow: Mathew, Arash, and Gary, Rod delivered a rollicking good tango time until 3am! Friendly attendee, great dancers, wonderful music, and a pleasant ambiance……well worth the 3-hr drive from Indy. And so, the tango milonga party continues September 19th, when Rod is taking the 312 tango movement on the road….to Cleveland.

So if you reside in a neighbouring community, or are visiting for the weekend and wondering what to do or where to dance tango in the Midwest on a fine summer’s day, grab your boogie shoes (well, tango shoes may be a better choice!), your brown bag lunch, and join this frolicking bunch of amiable, tango aficionados for an entire day, hasta la madrugada…..bailando a La Revancha del Tango.

Miloga at Latvian Community Centre, July 25th, 2015. Photos courtesy of Rod Relucio