My most memorable love affair!

It happened a few years ago, at the snow-capped mountains of Mt Rainier Park, Washington. It was the winter of 2011.

We were homeward bound after a leisurely cruise along the winding roads the define the park. Singing songs, eating peanuts, as we made our way out of the park. Then just as we were almost out of the park area, a slight movement to my right caught my eye. I tensed, and strained to see through the dark, dense forest; the car slowed and I could hear my heart thumping in my chest as I caught sight of two gold eyes piercing the darkness to look at me.

He was standing just a few paces from me, frozen; almost invisible against a backdrop of midnight forest; just staring at me. Then the love affair began……………………

Our eyes locked, and slowly, without invitation, he walked boldly up to me as I rolled down the window. I extended my hand, bearing gifts – peanuts; he reaches forward, neck exposed.


I got out  of the car, and he approaches me. Yes, I’m feeding him peanuts……literally


……and in two short minutes, he was eating right out of my hands


The courting continued, my peanuts, he being vulnerable by throwing caution to the wind and following my every motion……now that’s what trust looks like – an exposed neck!


I turned to leave and he followed; he walked me back to the car, and stared longingly after me


I surrendered the last few peanuts. Either he is famished, or he really likes me!!


we comsummate the relationship, and sealed it with a kiss…..priceless!!

Yes, I made promises to return soon, and to never forget him; however, just like a woman…………..well, what can I say……….I’m fickle (but I kept one part of the promise – I have never forgotten him)! Wasn’t it Freidrich Nietzsche that said “Truth must be a woman!” Ah, isn’t it liberating to own one’s identity!?

Notes: All levity aside, this is a wild animal that came out of the forest area as we were leaving Mt Rainier’s park. And yes, I am aware that it is a female deer. She even had a young one waiting for her in the wings!



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  1. Hi Jacqueline! I remember a year ago you replied to me on Linkedin that you don’t check your inbox there often. Well, seems like now it’s me who hasn’t been there for a long time: today I got your message on my birthday, which was in May. Thank you! And thanks for sharing your blog! I hope you’re doing okay, and look at that, isn’t that one lovely deer?

    1. Thanks Artur……….better late than never, right?……on the birthday thing. And yes, isn’t he just precious!!?? See, I have good taste 🙂 Hope all is well at your end……..j.a.morgan