Il lago Bolsena

Il lago Bolsena, Montefiascone, Italy


The approach to Bolsena

En route to Bolsena, the lake is visible from the road. The day is umbral with the clouds in attendance, and Bolsena is reserved, serene, almost ominous. But we do not immediately approach il lago, our introduction to lake Bolsena is softened by a walk through the busy streets of the surrounding city wall, which 2500 years ago served as a rocca to protect intruders from entering into this now demolished castle.

The western door of the city is of a reddish brown color, much unlike any other of its kind; it opens into the piazza which houses the tourist shops that line the street leading to the basilica of Santa Christina.

Walking along the avenue that prefaces il lago, one notices that the trees are all leaning towards the lake, a strange peculiarity in contrast to the other trees in the neighbouring streets. Is this the sombre deference of the trees to the lake? The passage of heavy and continuous winds in that direction? The dictates of nature to complete the photosynthetic process? Or just the metaphysical response to the behest of the deity of the lake?….read more on Montefiascone, Italy’s wine country.