My answer to: Why don’t teachers go on more field trips?

Why don’t teachers go on more field trips? Enna Morgan, 15 years teaching various subjects in N & S America, Europe, and Asia Answered 8h ago Thanks for the A2A, Shanna. Ah, field trips! We love them!! We crave them! Read More …


enna: finalist in UK’s Face of The Globe pageant

Name: enna Height: 5’6” Star sign: Libra Occupation: I hold a master’s degree in Public Policy, with a minor in International Relations. I currently work internationally, as an English Instructor, a model, and an actress……full profile        


Ruston Way waterfront in The Evergreen State

Ruston Way, Tacoma with Mt Rainier in the background Mt Rainier over Ruston Way Fishing at Ruston Way   Sunset in Tacoma