Continuity Film: Neurosis



A blood bath on China’s beach?

No! The culprit is the Sueda plant. Red Beach, appropriately named is located in Dawa county in Liaoning, China, this vast expanse of grassland thrives in the alkaline soil of one of the world’s largest wetland and reed marsh. The Read More …


Simple Creatures – My directorial debut

A short film about greed, infidelity, and murder. Written, filmed, edited and screened within one week….phew! I welcome all feedback from viewers. Thanks for watching!  



Ah, China! The land of opportunities! The entrepreneur’s paradise! The destination spot of the poor and the weary….rats! wait!…..that’s the USA. Okay, wrong communi……I mean feudali…..I mean….oh, you know what I mean!.. one of those ‘…ist’ political term. The country Read More …


Beijing, China

Chaoyang in springtime, morning snow Fresh fall in spring Sunset over Chaoyang Chaoyang at twilight