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What excuse should I give my teacher to change my seat? I cannot stand the person that I sit next to.

Enna Morgan, 15 years teaching various subjects in N & S America, Europe, and AsiaAnswered Sep 6, 2017

Thanks for the A2A, Ahmed.

The ‘truth’ is a good option, although, sadly, it does not always get the job done.

Try this: Tell your teacher that it is difficult to hear her well from where you are sitting, and is it possible to move you to a seat up front.

I get this often in my class that students are unwilling to work with another student, my response is, typically:

“Deal with it, that is life.”

But whenever a student tells me that they would like to move for other reasons such as:

  1. they are cold from sitting next to the window, or air conditioner
  2. they are hot from being next to the heater
  3. they have biological issues and need to sit close to the door so that they can leave the classroom in an emergency without much disturbance to the class
  4. they cannot see the blackboard (well, whiteboard) well
  5. they cannot hear me well
  6. their classmate talks a lot and distracts them from the lesson
  7. their classmate has hygiene problems and it is disturbing their ability to focus.

…those are some of the reasons for which I would allow them to change seats.

Pick one, and see which one does the trick!

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