Bloody Mary’s Debut: A Smashing, Sold-Out Show!

Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! To the cast, crew, producer, and director of the Bloody Mary Interactive Murder Mystery Dinner Show! Oh, wait, that’s us, the performance troupe of Beijing Fringe Theatre…..yeah!!

Last Saturday, December 23rd, our debut show not only filled the house to capacity, but garnered such curiousity and interest, that people were pouring in during the show (much to the chagrin of the performing cast and the check-in host), many showing up at the door to see if they could enter into the already sold-out event. Some even agreed to stand, just so they could be a part of the entertainment and excitement, of this scandalously waggish, parody made extra zany by the acute and edgy repartee of our two detectives, Stiffy and Floppy, as they worked not-so-feverishly to find and arrest the killer responsible for the mounting deaths of the dinner guests.

With the constant flow of the savoury Middle Eastern cuisine, which comprised the 4-course dinner, combined with the unpedictability of a several willing participants, and peppered with our hidden talent amidst the crowd, our audience members ”were never bored,” to quote one member, and ”always on the edge of our (their) seat, wondering what will happen next.”

They came fallaciously, in all variety and popularity, from Madonna to Sgt Gray, and Lady Gaga to George Clooney and Michael Jackson, these gamey audience members were all eager to be subjected to the scrutiny and wild accusations thrown out by the detectives, as they pried, prodded, interrogated, and blatantly twisted clues in an effort to pin the crime onto one unwitting suspect.

What was there not to like? The fact that the evening had to come to an end? Ah , yes, that! Well the good news is that it is only the beginning. The Bloody Mary Interactive Murder Mystery Dinner show, last Saturday, was only the debut of this on-going series of fine dining, mystery, murder, and mayhem on the Beijing landscape…..Word from the poducer and director is that the show will go on!

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From all of us at Beijing Fringe Theatre, we wish you a wonderful holiday season, and a pleasant and prosperous new year.