Is kissing cheating?

Is kissing cheating?

Answer by Enna Morgan:

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Sorry, it has taken me a long time to respond to this because I am not sure how to answer it. Why? Because there are soooooo many things involved here, and not just your simple question, Is kissing cheating?

There is a suitcase of issues associated with this topic, at the root of which is ethics, morality, religion, cultural zeitgeist, and most extantly the resident hypocrisy, and these are all topics I steer clear of. Why? Let’s just say that I prefer to expend my energy in a direction that is more progressive and productive than circular.

Okay, so this is my response, which, by the way, nicely skirts the main issue.

First, this is the classic ‘cheaters’ story – alcohol being used as the screen or excuse to enter into a ‘forbidden zone,’ in which two people desire entrance. Nothing new here.

Second, will it happen again? You betcha! Why? Because you have both demonstrated to each other that you are willing to enter that zone.

Is that cheating? Yes.

Is it what you both want to do? Yes!

Will you both do it again (either separately, or together)? Yes.

Will you feel badly? Everytime!……Because societal ethics, morality, and religion has conditioned you that you should go whip or stone yourself for doing this act.

Is it (cheating) common? Yep. About as common as the sun rising in the morning.

Let me explain. There is a reason why human trafficking is the third largest criminal industry in the world (the people (mainly children) are not being shipped to go play hide and seek, they are being shipped as slaves – sex slaves); and Sex Tourism is right up there within the top 5 illicit industry, and has become the new delicacy on the T & T menu (and you thought people were travelling to Thailand for the sandy beaches and ‘good massages’! LOL!)

And what is it that tops this list of being the largest illicit entertainment industry, globally?

Drugs? Nah.

Cigarettes? Close

Oh yeah, the age-old favourite: Alcohol! Well, we gotta have something to blame for the decision to fornicate flagrantly and copiously, right?

So with Prostitution being one of the largest entertainment industries in the world (sorry, it is not Miley Cyrus, or Justin Beiber) and alcohol right their like your BFF to first usher you, then after to redeem your soul from damnation, infidelity, or cheating, is the perfect crime.

And the religious fanatics? Well, what else can they do but throw their hands in the air and yell,

“You will all burn in hell!”

Money talks!……..You know the rest.

In response to the question, Is kissing cheating?

I will leave you with a video, which can answer this with greater eloquence and knowledge than I care to commit to the topic.…

Is kissing cheating?