How do you deal with failure?

My answer to How do you deal with failure?

Answer by Enna Morgan:

I alter my perspective.

‘Failure’ is not real, it is merely a concept. It has the effect of making us despondent only because society has assigned it a negative value, and has programmed us to believe that value. But failure really is a helpful, kind, trusty friend.

This is what failure means to me, in a nutshell

  1. Failure weeds out of all the things that were not suited to me. It distills the process and path to my objective.
  2. Failure teaches me to look for alternatives.
  3. Failure pushes me harder, so that I grow.
  4. Failure urges me to believe in myself and persevere.
  5. Failure teaches me confidence, because after the first 40 (or more) unsuccessful attempts, my skills become honed so that I know exactly how to nail the target, confidently
  6. Failure inspires me towards new and different directions
  7. Failure prompts me to explore and discover my unknown abilities
  8. Failure reminds me never to settle, but to always keep moving, reaching, changing, and recreating.
  9. When friends and family have deserted me, and success has eluded me, failure is always there, sitting right there beside me at the bottom of the pit, where I have fallen. And like a true and trusty friend, it reminds me, gently, to get up off my ass, brush my knees off, and get right back to climbing and reaching for the stars.

How do you deal with failure?