Who was the most ignorant American you have ever met?

My answer to Who was the most ignorant American you have ever met?

Answer by Enna Morgan:

Years ago, I was (rear-ended) in an auto accident and sufferred damage to my brain (front left, close-head injury) which severely affected my cognitive skills; to include short-term memory, speech, movement, and a host of other functions.

They called it MTBI (Mild Traumatic Brain Injury), a term that still confounds me, as I am at a loss to understand how a condition can be simultaneously mild and traumatic…..especially when the two words are thus juxtaposed.

Moving on……..

Post MVA, I spent years with a team of doctors (who were similarly stumped!), who occupied themselves prodding, probing, and playing guessing games (because even after all these decades of research, the brain still remains largely terra incognita to the medical professionals), trying desperately to tell me something more substantial than,

”Hmmm, I am not sure. This is only the second case of ‘this’ that I have even seen.”

Dear Doctor, just a parenthetical note: That statement instills such confidence in a patient! (NOT!)

On the team was an esteemed neuro-psychologist, who played a pivitol role, as he was the one who proctored the battery of neuro-psychological testing, used to determine the extent of the damage, and my residual cerebral funcionality. His findings were the determiner for the selection of treatment received, and also the referent for further testing. He was the key player in the panel of around eighteen ”professionals.”

In his illustrious report (which of course became the sine qua non in the legal proceedings), he opened with the usual biographics such as name, age, birthplace, and the problem.

The next line, which would highlight his subjective observations, and lead into the objective findings, began with:

“Ms Morgan is a very intelligent woman, considering that she was educated in South America.”

Wait a minute, what!?

Thank God the legal case was based on assessing the extent of the damage, and was not a qualitative measurement of my cerebral inheritance!

Yes, he still practises psychiatry. In fact, he is cited as being ”one of the most famous doctors in Tacoma,” with decades of ”diverse” experience.”

Who was the most ignorant American you have ever met?