How would you finish this sentence?

My answer to How would you finish this sentence?

Answer by Enna Morgan:

I loved her. She loved me. She was perfect. Unfortunately, I had to go away

It wasn’t planned that way.

We had different paths, we led different lives,

Hers was full of folly, and upon this she thrives

She was gay (merry), but she was fickle, and though it was not always to my liking,

I thought with me she would always stay,

But then I had to go away,

though it wasn’t planned that way

Through summers’ warmth, and winters’ chill we endured,

Like my shaddow she was always there,

Someone who cares, someone with whom I could share

The trials of the world, and the gravest of sorrow

For many years, she was a constant in my life

I knew I could depend on her love, today and tomorrow

Then one day I had to go away.

I knew she wanted me to stay.

But I left her behind, somewhere back in time.

Yeah, I know, it was not kind.

But that is the name of the game – when duty calls,

love stalls.

And someone takes the fall.

I think of her often. Her beautiful long hair, her intelligent eyes,

her soft, grey, silky coat of tiger stripes and calico;

Her contented purr when she cuddles in my lap, and her joyful sprint to greet me

even before I reach the door, as somehow she would just know.

How I long to see her again, to hear her dainty ‘meow,’ and watch her prissy walk,

and feel her warm paws wrap around my neck as she so loved to do, as she tuck her

velvet nose into my neck.

But I must let her be,

to adjust to her new life – a life without me,

for it was I who chose to go away,

I hadn’t planned it that way.

The truth is that I had not planned to have her in my life,

she came to me, and I could not resist,

she was beautiful, and in a short time, my love for her persist.

We spent nine beautiful years together.

Night and day, through all kinds of weather

I loved her. She loved me. It was perfect. Unfortunately….I went away.

I really didn’t plan it that way.

And I know that in my heart she will always stay.

She is a princess in every way.

A calico-ragdoll mix.

Her name is Pasha.

How would you finish this sentence?