Take 2….or maybe 3: Indyprov Showcase

Improv is cerainly not for the faint at heart, as the atrition rate of most improv class will attest. After 6 weeks of classes, fun, and exploration, three levels of students at Indyprov studios strutted their stuff on stage to an audience of friends, family, contemporaries, and well, just plain strangers. Aaagh!! Yeah, fun stuff!

The result? Well, let’s see: a packed house, a lovely stage, a warm night, and…….you get the picture. The audience didn’t run off screaming, and neither did any of the cast members. So, all in all, a pleasantly engaging evening of fun and laughter; well, perhaps nerve-racking for the student performers, but fun nonetheless.

The videos below are snippets taken when I was not performing. They are the snatched bits from the wings of the stage, where we stand when awaiting our turn to jump in. So if it is not the greatest of videography, it is all due to my ineptitude and my proximity to the actors; the flaw is not in their performance.

But if you feel slightly discgruntled because you wanted to see a better show, well, you should have attended the show, the tickets were very reasonably priced, a modest $5.00 for that event and as always, for most other shows. But you did miss it, so, you are thus doomed to suffer through my not-too-precise, bits-and-pieces videos. On the plus side, after this, you will for sure jump at the idea of seeing it live!


Anywho, not to digress, if after viewing these videos you feel that you could have done better than the performers you see here, feel free to challenge yourself by attending one of the classes listed……yes, those are reasonably priced as well; very economy-minded chap, that Bill Skaggs fellow, who puts this whole bit together!

And if the ole heart does feel faint, there is a drop-in class that is…..you guessed it, modestly priced as well. No, I don’t get a kick-back for telling you this, it is all volitional information, not paid promotion (as evidenced by the videos). If they were paying me, I would certainly get the boot after those videos of vignette performances.

Hey, hey, you don’t have to agree! Remember, I am the one who took the time out from enjoying my live show to record it and then edited it nicely with some fancy animations for you to languidly enjoy, so easy on the critique. Just watch and enjoy!…..and eat your artery-clogging popcorn.