Fall Makeovers: 5 Ways to Rejuvenate a Tired Sweater

With fall in the air, and winter right around the corner, you are dying to do some closet overhauling. So, before you get trigger-happy and take it out back and shoot that old but faithful sweater, rethink that notion. Here are 5 ways you can still enjoy its colour, fibre content, and warmth.

  1. Use it as a scarf. This works as a great warmer for the neck and shoulders without committing to a bulky jacket. Drape it around your neck (with the arms losely tied in front of your neck) . It adds colour and pizzazz, it keeps you warm, and it is there if the weather changes to a winter chill.
  2. Cut out the shoulders and make it into a drop shoulder sweater. Wallah! Suddenly it moved from a back-up, go-to, trusty classic, to a sexy, all-occasion, drop-shoulder, trendy must-have. You can experiment with cutting it as a semi-circle, or using more angular edges (as in the photo).
  3. If you are absolutely sure that you are done with it as a sweater, then cut the neck off and use it as a neck warmer during the winter. You will have to serge the edges, or do a blanket, over-edge, or zig-zag stitch if you do not have a serger machine so that it does not fray (depends on fibre content).
  4. Cut the arm off and use the upper part as a leg warmer and the lower part as a sleeveless glove – a wonderful hand warmer. You are still coordinating with the colours you love so much and saving yourself some bucks at the store (upwards of $6.99 for the glove, and a stratospheric amount to get a new colour scheme).
  5. Cut the waistband (if it has one) and make several head bands. For variety, decorate some with buttons, or bows, and leave some without. And now the big question: what to do with the remains of the sweater? I don’t know, toss it to Fifi, the cat to sleep on, clean your shoes with it, incorporate it in your quilt……..do I have to come up with all the ideas?! Okay (sigh!), just send me an email and maybe I’ll work  on a post that addresses that issue.