Ebola on set: Richmond, IN

Filming Ebola: On set with Adam, Kyle, Justin and enna.

The crickets chirp at night and the birds tweet a sweet wake-up melody; a crackling campfire burns at dusk and beckons the spent actors after a long day’s work; endless rolls of undulating roads lined with friendly neighbours invites a daily stroll; an ample log cabin with rocking chairs, hammocks and a lithe breeze. What more could one ask for in accommodations while filming? Especially a matter of such gravity as the Ebola virus. Sure, there are the pesky mosquitos, and the nefarious bramble that pokes into one’s eye and scratches one’s leg, but, these are all the inherent hazzards of revelling in nature, right?

Tucked in-between the vegetation and perched atop a hill on Boston Township Line Road, Hilltop Hide-A-Way is the quintessential  Indiana get-away. Whether you are desirous of escaping the insanity of city life, or scouting for a film set, this idyllic log cabin, situated minutes from downtown Richmond, provides commodious accommodations, off-road parking, and enviable serenity .


And with such romantic austerity, how could one avoid falling in love? ……..Well, that was indeed the plans of script-writer, Peggy Kankonde as she assembled cast, crew, and sought location for the filming of the Ebola series. According to the script, Amri (enna) is supposed to fall deeply in love with Jean-Paul (Adam Meyer), and dissuade him from returning to his homeland, Switzerland. And as the series continues, only time will tell the outcome. I am sure however, that the selection of this venue was not just left to chance, as the Ebola series is seasoned with the right amount of romantic vignettes of all its characters, who battle the frustrating logistics of being isolated in and restricted to this remote location, due to suspected contamination, from their volunteer mission in Sierra Leone.

Rosendo (Justin Lyon ), who is married to Celene (Roxanna Warner), is concerned about being separated from his wife and children while quarantined; Kevan (Kyle Horne), is preoccupied with the upcoming wedding to his fiancee, April (Shannon Hunt). The Ebola Series elucidates the health risks of those exposed to the virus, chronicles the process of containment after contamination, and highlights the legal aspects of immigration and border issues as it relates to the reality of untimely and unplanned detainment of foreigners.


enna, teaching origami to the cast, Justin, Kyle and Adam, as DP, Lonnie observes





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