The Hubris of Humanity

Lovely photo: Two beautiful organisms, but one seeks energy and coronation through the needless subjugation and decimation of the other – the hubris of humanity.

It is a day of sadness and lamentation for Mother Earth, and the human race when we champion the architects of our own destruction. When did we become so arrogant to thnk that we could arbitrarily and without conscience or consequence destroy that which The Universal Soul has ordained to be nature; that which was encoded to be endemic to our very being? Hubris is not a genetic component, then where along this path to progression did we acquire it? And how did it become so virulent and enthroned, and we become so supplicant to its pervasion?

The propagation and perversion of this tendency, spawned by the will to individuation, is what contributes significantly to our detachment from our inner sanctum, and promotes our disengagement from relations and the world within which we vascillate; social relations upon which we depend unwaveringly for our resource, energy, and mere existence.

As permeable beings of an organic whole, we are actualised and realised ONLY through our interactions with the world around us, and only by preserving these resources, and respecting thier role in our lives, can we even begin to move towards being worthy of being regarded as ”human.” Meaning that a desecration of the earthly organisms, is essentially a damage to our own vital organs, thus a perpetuation of our own demise. Translated in American terms: Don’t piss in your own pool; this adds toxicity to the system, is detrimental to your health, and most importantly, it is counter intuitive.

I am here reminded of the words of Gandhiji, which I feel compelled to share:

I value freedom, but you must remember that man is essentially a social being. He has risen to his present status by learning to adjust individualism to the requirements of social progress. Unrestricted individualism is the law of the beast of the jungle. We have to strike the mean between individual freedom and social restrain. Willing submission to social restraint for the sake of the well-being of the whole society enriches the both the individual and the society of which he is member.Mohandas K. Gandhi

And let us not forget that ours is a society, which is touted to be democratic, and the pillars of democracy rests squarely on the subordination of the well-being of the whole society, NEVER on individuation, and certainly not on hubris.


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    1. Quite correct. The primary function of all organisms is reproduction/ continuation of the species; human are the only species that funcitons in contradiction to this intuition