What’s not to like about Paris?

Croissant, chocolat, the cruise the Sienne, batobus, Notre Dame, and the Eiffel Tower, Champs – Elysees, Louvre……. did I mention chocolat and croissant? ………..and the Frenchman who emphatically raised his head so that he could be sure to look down his nose while stating …..”Well, Madamme, this is Paris not London”(yeah, I missed that minute detail somewhere during the 2 1/4 hours of travelling across the Channel Tunnel from London to Paris!) in response to my protesting the steep exchange rate as compared to that in London…….ah, good times!

VLUU L100, M100 / Samsung L100, M100
Notre Dame in all her majesty and austerity!


a bejewelled eiffel


paris, along the siene

eiffel, paris 5

Louvre, Paris
Notre Dame, Paris

archesarches by the Seine


a monet's eiffel

A Monet-like Eiffel


eiffel, paris 5

a web of the eiffel: seen through trees


where the action happens: the eiffel’s innards


Along the Siene, Paris Looks familiar? Yeah, check Adele’s video: Someone like you
Grand Palace across the Siene River. Paris

down the sienne, paris

View from the Bateaubus….along the Seine