Civita di Bagnoregio, Umbria

Civita di Bagnoregio, ItalyView from the belvedere in Bagnoregio

On an overcast day, a snow-white mist envelops the valley, rising up to the till of the Calanchi, covering the tufa base of the hill that sustains this medieval fort; and Civita hangs suspended – an imposing image of medieval monastery, dimly illuminated by the sparse gaze of a clandestine sun sneaking through burly blocks of sodden clouds to bring light, and hope – evidence of a better future – to the homes and minds of this vestigial  society.

The bridge extending from Civita, is lost in the mist, and only suggestions of its existence can be traced to it’s beginning in Bagnoregio. The semi-conspicuous bridge creates a prevarication: an invitation, but yet………un ingresso vietato  – a forbidden entrance!! One is unsure of whether to lose one’s heart in this romantically engaging vista, or to be aghast and fearful of the predictions of doom, while wrapped in the bosom of the city that is known as il paese che muore – the dying city.


Civita di Bagnoreigio, Italy