And the beat goes on

From the tango scene and also from other social interactions I am learning rapidly that the way to the top is to be a whore. In erstwhile times, it was understood that a woman had to be coquettish to advance up the corporate ladder, but now, this demimondaine approach is actually considered passive, and if employed in today’s society the woman will be overlooked. Eligibility for any type of position, even for social acceptance requires a woman to be not only a whore, but a trashy whore (but seriously, is there any other type?).

I am beginning to understand now why the women in society are pervasively referred to as a ‘bitch’ it is with the generally accepted aim to derogate the womenfolk into accepting what is rapidly becoming a society so mired with degradation that they (women) will willingly and unwittingly accept the fact that their ‘place’ is in a perpetually recumbent position.

Gone are the images of a smart, sophisticated, and elegant female; the images being promulgated and propagated are for females to be seductive, slutty, and indiscrete. In this way, women are made ineluctably dependent upon a man for validation and ratification in all of her endeavours whether familial, social, or entrepreneurial. This brings the job of adjudication right back to the male figure; thus reinforcing the patriarchal ethos and paternalistic edifices so entrenched within the social strata, educational institutions, and metaphors of our language and cultural thought.