The Sphere of Cognition

There is a thin line between love and hate, and it is called perception.

If our cognitive spheres intersect and we inhabit the same mental space, we can communicate, but when one of us leaves that sphere, we cease to have a dialectic, because the vocabulary, the discourse, and the frames of interaction will change. Long distance relationships do not work simply because two people inhabit two different mental spaces.

Conversations become difficult to maintain, and love becomes strained; people grow into spaces that are not occupied by the other person, and very soon, they cannot perceive themselves within the mental space of the other person, in fact they cannot accurately visualize the space of the other.

This creates a chasm; time widens the gap, and very soon there is a dissonance that is caused by the reverberation of the words spoken across the distant of an empty space. A space that suddenly appears differently, as it is now being viewed from two different directions. Perception hangs precariously in the middle, thread-bare and deceptive.

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