Surama, Guyana

A better attendant one could not have asked for. Orla was her name.A simple woman of medium built and hair color like the dou-tones of the rupunini mountains. She was as accommodating as she was simple; and as efficient as she was pleasant. I did not want  for much; breakfast was served at whatever time I requested, meals were prepared to my taste, and  laundry  service was continuous. All this despite the brou-ha-ha being created by all the other village folk about the visiting Prince of Wales – due within two days – to this tiny village of Surama. The days flew by with the help of my most erudite and resourceful guide, Lionel and driver Mike.

Soon after the festivities with the visiting Prince, I was whisked – no, I was hurdled! – back to Rock View for my last day before returning to Georgetown. Beautiful place, wonderful scenery and all the most modern amenities abound, but lacked the personal touch and pleasantries of Karanambu and Surama. After two hours of arrival without any offers of lunch, I decided to inquire and was informed that there was nothing in the kitchen to eat until dinner which would be at approximately 6pm. After requesting some tea and crackers (my only option to starvation) my gracious hostess looked me dead in the eye and asked with surpressed indignation, did I want that “NOW??!!”

With equally supressed exasperation, I replied yes. Smart move, as dinner didn’t actually follow until 8pm, and my vegetarian choices were limited to boiled beans, sparse salad, and unadorned pasta.  Now, I’m not as fastidious as I’m made out to be, but after waiting all day for something to eat, there is something about that combination the I couldn’t convince my stomach to accept. I retired to my room after a request for some warm mild….conditioned comfort food.